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the high-tech researchers crawling into a crypt perhaps on the verge of identifying the real mona lisa. >> and are you smarter than an eighth grader from 1912? this is a recently rediscovered exam from more than 100 years ago. it's incredibly hard. >> who invented the cotton gin? >> man. >> no -- from abc news live from new york, this is "good morning america" with dan harris and bianna golodryga. >> i have this exam right here, it's incredibly embarrassing. describe the battle of quebec. who first discovered the following places, florida, pacific ocean, the mississippi river, the st. lawrence river. >> you don't know who won the battle of quebec? >> yes. no, i don't. >> where did you go to school? >> i don't know who was fighting in the battle of quebec. we have news this morning. developing story out of the michigan, the doctor accused of trying to profit by mistreating
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cancer patients. the fed raided his office. what his lawyer is saying this case this morning. >> this has allegedly been going on for years. on a happier note, he's the nfl's oldest rookie, he's 28 years old, and after serving times for a crime he did not commit. brian banks is getting a shot at his nfl dream. so many people rooting for him. >> i love this story, his attitude is great. you'll hear from him coming up. and you may have seen the can chillow infomercial, and this morning mom testers are back putting as seen on tv products through their paces. that's coming up. but to the major development, the end of a search in idaho's back country for a murder suspect on the run with a teenage girl. 40-year-old james lee dimaggio shot dead by an fbi tactical agent. and this morning, his victim,
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16-year-old hannah anderson is to be reunited with her father. clayton sandell has been following this and has details from san diego where it began. clayton. >> good morning, bianna. it really is an amazing rescue. this morning hannah anderson is no longer a hostage, no longer in danger. her terrifying week coming to a dramatic end. >> hannah is coming home. >> reporter: to morning hannah anderson's family is overjoyed. >> i'm so glad she's safe. and she's okay. she's such a strong girl. >> reporter: hannah's rescue went down saturday afternoon in this remote idaho wilderness when an airplane spots the 16-year-old and her captor at a makeshift campsite near a lake. ground teams close in, there's a confrontation, police open fire. >> james lee dimaggio was shot and killed by an fbi tactical agent assigned to an fbi
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headquarters unit. hannah was rescued and is in good shape. >> reporter: he not only kidnapped hannah, but killed her mother and 8-year-old brother ethan last week in san diego county. their bodies discovered in his burning house. they were spotted wednesday in idaho, triggering a massive search by 200 heavily-armed federal agents and local police. now dimaggio's friends and family are struggling to understand why a man who was once so normal was accused of such horror. >> everybody's pretty much shocked by his behavior. there's definitely something that snapped. >> reporter: now police tell us that hannah was not physically injured, but she was taken to a hospital to get checked out. her father is heading from san diego to idaho, they are set to be reunited later this morning. dan, bianna. >> that will be a terrific reunion. clayton sandell covering the story every step of the way. thank you, clayton. a lot of news overnight, we turn to mr. ron claiborne for a
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look at the headlines. >> as always. in the news, benjamin netanyahu is recovering in the hospital this morning following surgery following a hernia surgery. the defense minister was in charge during the one hour he was unconscious. he is expected to be released later today. more than a dozen u.s. embassies closed over terror concerns are set to reopen today in northern africa and the middle east. they were closed amid concerns of a possible al-qaeda attack. the u.s. embassy in yemen will remain closed. and deadly violence in iraq, 69 people killed in car bombings in baghdad. targeting cafes and markets in the city. so far no one or no group has claimed responsibility. it comes as iraqis celebrate the
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end of the holy month of ramadan. and connecticut, the wreckage of a small plane that crashed into two homes in connecticut has been removed. investigators confirmed four people, two in the plane and on the ground were killed. the dead included a pilot, a retired microsoft executive and his son. also killed, two children inside the homes. investigators say the plane looked like it landed nearly upside down. >> the aircraft did in fact impact the side of the house inverted between 60 and 70 degrees. this is based on how we found the aircraft parts on scene today. >> the pilot was in communication with the tower just before that crash, but gave no indication that there was a problem. and new details this morning about the next iphone, possibly the next iphone. according to the website all things d, it will be on september 10th of this year. there has been speculation the new phone may have a fingerprint sensor.
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that has not been confirmed. excitement at the edinburgh zoo in scotland, zoo keepers think that the giant panda may be pregnant. may be pregnant. they said she is exhibiting nesting patterns. news of the possible pregnancy is going viral. the zoo setting up a 24-hour panda cam so you can keep tabs. you know how they confirm that a panda is pregnant? >> by her moodiness? >> good one. they send in a volunteer with a giant syringe and a stick. just kidding. >> okay. >> hormone levels they test. and the developing story out of michigan. when you are a doctor, you take an oath to do no harm. but there is a physician in michigan accused of misdiagnosing and mistreating patients and giving others on allegedly unnecessary chemo. this was a scheme to make tens of millions of dollars. linzie janis is on the story.
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good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this morning fared is in jail. he's been charged of mistreating them and defrauding the government of $35 million in false medicare claims. prosecutors want to deny him bail. federal prosecutors are fighting to keep 48-year-old doctor fareed behind bars, calling the oncologist accused of misdiagnosing his cancer patients a flight risk. tuesday, federal agents arrested him, raiding the offices in the detroit area and seizing medical records. a u.s. attorney said he gave unnecessary chemotherapy to patients in remission, and fabricated diagnosis in order to bilk millions from medicare. this morning, relatives of his alleged victims are speaking out. in a bond hearing on friday, jeff burrs said when his father didn't respond to chemotherapy, the doctor refused to stop administering the drugs. >> from the time he got the
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chemotherapy, his health deteriorated, it was worse and worse all the time. >> his attorney says he is innocent and federal agents have been duped by disgruntled employees. >> the government has not retained an expert to give an opinion there was mistreatment or misdiagnosis or unnecessary tests given to any patient. >> but other health care workers suspected something was wrong in 2010. >> i don't know how he's gotten away with it for this long. >> cancer nurse angela tells abc news she first complained to investigators three years ago after spending just two hours at one of his clinics. >> i was disgusted. i was in the car in the parking lot and i was truly almost in tears because of what i saw and how patients were getting their chemotherapy. >> the state says it is still building its case against fateh elkhatib as more come forward with complaints.
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if vikted -- convicted, he faces up to 20 years in prison. dan and bianna. >> unbelievable. shift gears to politics. president obama has started his eight-day summer vacation on martha's vineyard. he and michelle boarded a flight yesterday. >> meanwhile, the race to replace president obama in iowa appears unbelievably to be in full swing even though the election is more than three years out. let's bring in george stephanopoulos, host of "this week." i've never been good at math. i think we have 29 months before the election. what is going on? >> but it's only two years until the iowa straw poll. that's why everybody's out there. >> two years. >> iowa, the first caucus state. we know how important it is. it launched president obama back in 2008. and this is a wide open race, particularly on the republican side. what was so interesting about what was happening in iowa, a lot of contenders out there, ted cruz out there, his second or third trip to iowa.
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rick santorum going again. remember he did so well last time by visiting every county. they know this is a big prize on the republican side and no heir apparent. on the democratic side, a rally for hillary clinton. claire mccaskill out there she's the senator from missouri, she was for barack obama four years ago, now out there pumping for hillary. it looks like this was a tough state for her four years ago. right now that nomination is hers for the taking barring a major misstep. >> and so much focus on the evolution and the future of the republican party. you have donald trump on the show this morning and he has a firm warning for the party. >> he's out in iowa as well. sat down with jonathan karl. it's about immigration reform. he says it's a death wish for the republican party because all it will do is bring in new democratic voters to the polls. this comes at a time when a lot
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of members of congress are going home over the recess trying to figure out if they should move forward on immigration reform. whether the intensity is on the other side. it's a rough road in the house of representatives for this reform. >> you know 2014 is serious when the donald shows up. welcome back. >> welcome back. it's a big show, including an exclusive interview with edward snowden's dad, lon snowden. that's coming up later this morning on "this week" right here on abc. check on the weather. incredible flooding pictures, particularly out of colorado. ginger zee has been covering this and has the latest. >> there are flood watches in colorado. we showed you the videos. look at images, all that nasty mess left behind after the water was gone. it was quick, a flash flood in all its essence. i want to show you again that picture -- that video of the older man, 70-year-old glenn
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dodson, we know who he is. our affiliate talked to him. he knows he is lucky. officials say he did the wrong thing by getting out of the car, put himself in danger. but he's okay. we have good news to report. of the three people missing, one was found. the dustnado also in colorado. this was yesterday near aurora. so bruce caught this video. just quick, it lasted 25 seconds after he turned the camera on. and today, another shot at some severe storms. this is where i want you to pay attention. rapid city, omaha, just north and west of des moines, all on the attention on the sunday afternoon and evening. rain through tuesday. have we not seen enough? wichita, joplin, and even little rock getting more in the next 48 hours. you know where w morning, washington, here is a live shot in laurel there is skies and
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some rainfall just to the south of the washington area and the temperature is in the low 70's. the winds will be shifting to the south. just to theowers south of us and we see some rain in frederick's word into portions of charles county. 81 it's cloud quiz time. dan and bianna, take a close look. this isn't the best, look at the tiny piece. >> that's a tornado. >> it's not. but you, wouldn't necessarily know. the tree is in the way. it's a funnel. there is a distinct difference, it does not touch the ground, tornado does. often gets mistaken. >> i'm not lying, i was going to say funnel. i -- >> you're good. bianna's winning, by the way, in the quiz. >> and that dustnado is neat. >> that's not typical. but we'll do that another time. >> it's not a sharknado. >> the science is confusing me. thank you. turn now to welcome relief
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for drivers and their pocketbooks. catch a break not only for the remainder of this year, but next year too. abc didi ray roy is at a gas station in new york city with the latest details. i like this news. >> reporter: it's good news. we are standing in one of the most expensive places for gas in the country. take a look at the sign in midtown manhattan, a gallon of regular gas is $4.05. this is not representative of most of the country. but there is good news ahead across the board, prices are on their way down. let's look at the numbers starting from a year ago. the federal government reports gas prices in 2012 were on average $3.63 a gallon. this year's projected average is $3.52 a gallon, and 2014, it gets better, the government says that number will fall to $3.37 a gallon. there are big spreads with states and gas prices according to aaa.
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the most expensive is new york and the west, california among those states. the price per gallon there? $3.91. the cheapest is the south and southeast. south carolina, that will set you back $3.24. we checked out gas to help you save money on the road. get your gas at a wholesale store or a grocery store to get it at or below cost at times. gas coupons in the mail, online, or the back of the receipts. and finally, if you live in a major metropolitan area, go to a suburb for gas. only if it's only way. if we were to go to jersey, we would have to pay a hefty toll. >> good advice and information. thank you. that's didi roy. lower gas prices will be a relief for parents in america who right now are embarking on
8:16 am
epic shopping runs as we enter back to school season. governments are taking interesting steps to reduce sticker shock for parents. and susan is on the story in silver spring, maryland. >> reporter: are you excited to go back to school? >> yeah. >> reporter: gearing up to get ready to go back to school will spend $635 on average. >> definitely shoes, school supplies, books, pens. >> reporter: welcome relief in the form of sales tax holidays across the nation is sparking a back to school shopping blitz. exciting time, back to school? >> yes. the best time ever. >> yes. >> reporter: at this target store in silver spring, maryland, shoppers are eager to take advantage of something that's becoming a national trend. several days of tax-free back to school shopping. georgia, massachusetts and texas are giving the state sponsored discount this weekend. connecticut will get it next weekend. earlier this month, a dozen other states took part.
8:17 am
retailers are as delighted as consumers. >> shirt -- >> shirt. >> pants -- >> pants. >> shoes -- >> shoes. especially in this economy, every little bit helps. >> reporter: are you excited to go back? >> yeah. >> reporter: total sales could top $42 billion, and parents say every penny saved makes a difference. >> i looked forward to that growing up in texas as well. thanks for the story. exciting news surrounding the centuries-old mona lisa mystery. who is the face on one of the most famous paintings in the world? the model for the masterpiece? scientists think her identity could be revealed through dna testing. here's abc's kirit. >> she appears larger from the left -- >> reporter: the clue to unlocking one of art's biggest secrets is so ground breaking, you might expect to find tom
8:18 am
hanks from "the da vinci code" on the scene. instead it's a real-life team of researchers on the edge of finally answering who is that woman with the smile in the mona lisa? for centuries, historians and art lovers pondered the possibilities. a lover, a muse, or maybe da vinci himself dressed as a woman. italians have long-speculated that the lisa was lisa gherardini. she posed for da vinci, but no one has been able to prove she's the one in the painting. the answer may be in this crypt in florence. >> translator: we believe that her decent dants are there. >> reporter: they climbed in for the first time in 300 years, and they will take dna samples. >> translator: we were lucky because there was a good amount of bone remains. >> reporter: if it's related to
8:19 am
another set believed to be her, then the remains are confirmed. and they can use x-raies and digital facial reconstruction technology, similar to what is used in a crime scene, to figure out what he looked like. >> translator: if everything goes as it should, we will reconstruct her face from her skull. >> reporter: and then the real test, to see if the face is anything like the mona lisa we know. these researchers and their technology have their critics, but all this testing will take some time. for now the age-old mystery remains a mystery. dan and bianna. >> new mystery is who is that interpreter? >> yes. exactly. that voice was great. i'm going to have that voice follow me around and narrate. dan is going to the bathroom. now to a new discovery that's fascinating and potentially embarrassing. this is an eighth grade exam from the year 1912. it was recently dug up in a
8:20 am
museum in kentucky. >> the questions are challenging. so we sent our "gma" intern lindsey barnett to test people. >> who invented the cotton gin? >> man. >> the cotton? >> the cotton gin? >> no, i just -- >> didn't even know what the cotton gin is. >> no. >> eli whitney. >> name the last battle of the civil war? >> it was in south carolina? >> my dad is going to be mad at me for not knowing this. >> i know a lot about this, i'm blanking. no. >> who invented the sewing someone. >> not my wife. >> who invented the phonograph? >> thomas edison. >> i can't tell you who invented the mp 3 player. >> where is the chief nervous
8:21 am
system? >> your arm? >> not in your arm. >> i guess in your brain? >> yes. >> i'm not a doctor. >> in order of size, name the three largest states in the u.s. in 1912. >> texas. >> new york? >> california. >> new mexico? >> oklahoma. >> no, montana. >> montana. >> so you guys would not have passed the eighth grade. >> that was embarrassing. >> thanks so much. >> thanks to her, she's returning to northwestern united states. good for her. i have a question. i'm the administer. name two presidents who have died in office, three who were assassinated. remember, it's 1912. >> well, the first part's easy. >> garfield, mckinley and lincoln. >> wow. ron claiborne. >> ron just slams it. just dunk. >> i think it was easier because no one was holding a massive microphone up to him. >> i'm guessing not my wife, who invented the sewing machine. >> ginger, who invented the cotton gin? >> that woman not knowing the cotton gin. i didn't look that one up.
8:22 am
eli whitney. that was kind of rolling around in the back of my head. >> thanks professor zee. coming up on "gma," the 20-year-old rookie who's nfl career was derailed by prison time for a crime he did not commit. how he got back on the field with the atlanta falcons and the test coming up for him. does this product appeal to you? the chillow keep yours head cool. the mom testers are back testing as seen on tv products. ♪
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the, this is an abc seven news up date. 8:27 a.m.orning at
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free week is tax- underway today. you won't have to pay the state sales tax and no limit to how many items you can purchase. it ends august 17. >> i don't know about tax day, but we are rain-free at the moment. temperature is 76 downtown right now. it is raining and portions of charles county and albert coun
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shake, shake, shake -- that's the fun part. >> you see them on tv, products promising to keep you cool. are they too good to be true? our brave mom testers check them out to see if you should buy them. their yays and nays are coming up on the show. this morning's theme is all about staying cool in the hot summer heat. >> an ice cream maker, the chillow. we are going to try it out. coming upon "gma," i'm dan harris with bianna golodryga. on this sunday, august 11th. happy birthday to my wife. bianca, one syllable away from bianna. i'm always a syllable away from destruction in my home.
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we're going to start with a story that reads like a movie. it's about a young guy with a promising nfl career derailed by a prison sentence for that crime he didn't commit. >> took years to clear his name, and now he has a second chance to pursue arise dream. ron powers from our affiliate is here with more. so many people rooting for this guy. >> really a fascinating story. hard not to root for him. the pre-season can drag on, but one player is enjoying every minute of it. the nfl has quarterbacks, halfbacks, and fullbacks, and this pre-season, one very important comeback. rookie brian banks is one step closer to making his dream a reality. after taking to the gridiron against the cincinnati bengal this week. >> nice job getting off the block and making a play. >> it's one of those situations, it happened. now it's replaying in my head. >> this is not ordinary rookie.
8:31 am
banks joined the falcons after spending five years in jail and five on parole. why? he was wrongly convicted of raping a high school classmate. in may 2012, justice was served. the verdict for banks overturned. the new ruling, not guilty. >> the people's motion to dismiss this case -- >> i may never get the answers to why i was supposed to go through what i went through, but i know that i'm here today, and i remain unbroken. >> you look at the nfl right now with all the stories out there, the arrests, the aaron hernandez saga in the media, based on the hope that he has shown all of us, i wouldn't bet against him. >> before the charges, banks was a high school football star heading to the university of southern california on a full scholarship to play for one of college footballs best teams. what's in the past is in the past. >> i will take this opportunity d be the best person i can be in this world. and to show people no matter
8:32 am
what you go through, there is light at the end of the tunnel. >> the truth is brian committed no crime that day. he's a strong young man with an amazing future. and we to want get him back on track. >> and back on track he is. banks signed with the falcons in april, and picked up two tackles in thursday's game. >> definitely one of the best moments of my life. >> it really is something. it's on to the future, they open the regular season september 8th. and brian banks may be a long shot to make the final roster, but that's okay. he has beaten the odds before, and no one is betting against him. >> such an incredible story. and his mom stood by him. >> all the way. now it's paying off. >> nice to see you this morning. thanks for coming in. >> my pleasure. >> now back to ron for a check of the morning's other top stories. hey, ron. good morning, everyone. the search for a man suspected of abducting a california teen launching a nation-wide amber alert is over.
8:33 am
james dimaggio was shot and killed by fbi agents in idaho on saturday. his hostage, 16-year-old hannah anderson was rescued and is safe this morning. and investigators in the aaron hernandez case are turning their attention to the fiance. he is accused of killing a man in june. police in massachusetts are looking at whether his fiance helped him get rid of a gun. and the wildfire burning in southern california is now 70% contained. it burned some 16,000 acres, destroying dozens of homes and forcing hundreds of evacuations. five newlyweds are on cloud nine because they set a guinness book of world records for the highest altitude wedding. they tied the knot at 41,000 feet on a fiji airlines jet. over to ginger.
8:34 am
>> dallas, for ten days above 100 degrees. yesterday slipped below it, 98 was the high. today right back up there. the sun will get out there, and 101 will be your high. san antonio, 98, midland in the mid-90s. pacific northwest, flood watches next to the red flag warnings. 72 for seattle today. portland, high of 77. also mention summer taking a vacation, that's going to stick around for the beginning of the workweek. minneapolis, upper 70s. philadelphia in the low to mid-80s. and then the perseid meteor shower. best tonight into tomorrow. look where you have to look. look northeast, and if you have the clears skies, this is what you'll see. do that in these parts of the >> good morning, washington. it might the hard to see the meteor shower tonight because of
8:35 am
the clouds. a warm today and scattered showers, 81 -- five and warmer tomorrow. very nice this weather report has been brought to you by target. dan and bianna. >> going to look the at perseids? >> i will. now that you told us. staying up all night to do that. >> putting that in my outlook calendar right now. >> birthday celebration with bianca. >> yes. lots of promises made in the as seen on tv commercials, but do the products really measure up? our crack team of mom testers couldn't wait to try a new batch of summer-themed products. dn't wait to try the new summer products. ♪ let no cupboard ever go bare.
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even though i guess we're getting cooler weather in parts of the country, it's the dog days of summer, so the infomercial world is tailoring products to people that need a summer cooldown. >> the mom testers we gave to test the as seen on tv products to see if they gave the chilling experience. becky worley has that. what worked and what got the cold shoulder?
8:40 am
>> reporter: let's face it, this summer has been a scorcher. >> day three under the heat dome. >> serious heat. >> reporter: everyone's looking for some relief, including our "gma" mom testers. >> it was 117 degrees here today. >> reporter: we sent the three moms three as seen on tv products that aim to beat the heat. >> you'll feel like you're in a cool oasis. >> reporter: but a mom approved or a scalding mom disappointed? tracy schroeder, mom of two, tennessee's lisa maxwell, mom of four, and arizona's beth marshall, mom of two. first, a product to stop the hot, sleepless summer nights. >> chillow keeps your head cool and dry. >> reporter: once they got them ready to use, it was time to hit the hay. >> is it cool? >> reporter: for lisa and her
8:41 am
family, it was stone-cold perfection. >> it's cold, and soft. >> reporter: but tracy and beth were lukewarm on it. >> by morning, the chillow was warm. >> reporter: making it a split decision on the chillow. two disappointed, one mom approved. next up, a light-weight water source even the tv stars love. >> you just turn on the water and the pocket hose grows and grows into a full length hose. >> reporter: really? let's see what the moms think. >> it's long. >> quickly coming out. >> turn it on. >> has a great spray. >> see how long this baby is going to get. >> very easy, very lightweight. >> it's going. >> now look at this, it really just stacks up. >> just as small as when i first got it out. >> reporter: while the pocket hose worked wonders for all three of the moms, its instructions doused beth's excitement. >> it says keep out of reach of children during use, but my kids love water. >> reporter: she broke from the
8:42 am
pack making the verdict on the pocket hose two moms approved, one mom disappointed. finally what better way to beat the heat than with a sweet treat. >> introducing ice cream magic. now you can make delicious homemade ice cream in three minutes. >> reporter: all three moms loaded the ingredients into the ice crm magic, then -- >> start shaking, guys. >> shake, shake, shake. >> that's the fun part about the ice cream magic. >> is it good? >> reporter: while beth wasn't thrilled. >> tastes like a milk shake. it's thin. >> reporter: the product worked its magic on tracy and lisa. >> it's pretty thick. >> i'm impressed. >> as you can see, the ice cream is a win with the 2-year-old. >> reporter: two big thumbs up, making the final tally, one mom disappointed, two moms approved. we contacted the manufacturers of all of these products so that they could respond.
8:43 am
the folks who make the chillow say it's coldest right out of the fridge. if it's cooler at night and warmer in the morning, move to a cooler outer edge as its probably absorbed less body heat. now the company that makes the pocket hose that the warning is a precaution so that kids don't drink water directly from the hose. they say that as with all garden hoses, it may contain bacteria that isn't safe to drink. finally, ice cream magic. they say it forms fastest and firmest around the base and the sides of the metal bowl. so thoroughly stirring the mixture after shaking affords a soft ice cream experience and prevent the milkshake consistency. there you have it, guys, another mom testers is in the can. >> a chillow for bianca's birthday present? >> yes. i'm sure she'll be delighted.
8:44 am
and coming up on "gma," angeli angelina jolie's surprise appearance at the d-23 expo. what she revealed about her latest role playing a villain. to your dry routine? yes. so you like using them? i do. because you feel... ultimately clean, i guess. you're welcome to borrow my container. it's new, look at that. would you ever use these? i think i should. would you like to have a go? yeah, we could do that. it's awesome! [ cherry ] nothing leaves you feeling cleaner and fresher than the cottonelle care routine. so let's talk about your bum on facebook. where to next? ♪ [ male announcer ] love your kitchen even more with new ceramic tile, now 57 cents a square foot at lowe's. ♪
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ginger does not only do the weather, she also does the news that goes pop. >> i'm so happy to be here and sharing my woman crush with you. i don't know if i mentioned that. a lot of crushes on guys. i mention often. angelina jolie. i think a lot of people do. she'll be the villain queen maleficent in the upcoming spinoff of "sleeping beauty." and yesterday a crowd at disney's d23 expo in anaheim, california, while getting a preview of the film, she shows
8:49 am
up. the fans are shocked. she has been drawn to the character because of elegance, grace, and she's also terri terrifying. you will also see her daughter vivinne in the film because she got a small part. >> one of the twins. i don't think i've seen her play a villain. >> i like the dark side of her. >> it's fantastic. when it comes to astonishing speed talking, there was the original micromachine man. [ speaking quickly ] >> you remember him, maybe. but this new guy that we found, puts him to shame. reciting the entire movie "mean girls" in less than a half hour. [ talking fast ] we had to put them side by side and speed up "mean girls." he does it in 29 minutes. he's an intern for next movie, and extremely talented or too much time on his hands. >> or both. >> possibly both.
8:50 am
>> not mutually exclusive. >> christies may be calling him up for a job soon. >> he does sound like an auctioneer. did you see how i tried to go fast there? and finally, breaking pop news. it is a girl. she's slimy, barking, and the cutest thing we have ever seen. that's a baby seal up. that's the latest -- that's her mom. >> sounds like chewbacca. >> she was born early friday, but have been in touch with the aquarium, and they just told me this morning she's 7 pounds and a girl. we d didn't know that yet. no nam so we've got work to do. >> yesterday you came up with swahili names -- >> that was me. >> that was you? >> that was me. >> interchangeable. >> yeah, obviously. >> mena. >> these women on the set, he has no idea. >> you don't know how lucky you are. >> this segment is not going well for me. we'll be back with more "gma." keep it here. back with more "gma." keep it here. new almay cc cream is kind of a life changer.
8:51 am
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8:55 am
can i quickly say before we leave that bianna and ginger, ace job on filling in. what's happening? >> spin them around. >> our chairs are spinny. >> this happens, i get no respect. i was going to say you did a great job on "pop news" but now i'm floating away. >> thank you. >> thanks for the compliment, dan. have a great weekend, everyone. compliment, dan. have a great weekend, everyone. >> good morning. you have a good excuse to go shopping today. the maryland tax -- free week is underway and shoppers to
8:56 am
purchase clothing and shoes priced $100 or less will not have to pay sales tax for it there is no limit to how many items can be purchased. tax free week ends august 17. a local mother turns up dead in the occoquan river and fairfax county police have charged her husband with her murder. seen wednesday, august 7, and the couple reportedly had a rocky relationship and her body was recovered by voter saturday morning. with aot lucky yesterday beautiful afternoon. the dew point dropped and you could almost open your windows last night. bringinge front is more clouds and sunshine this morning and you can see the haze over the nation's capital and the temperatures are 76 degrees downtown. it is only 60 eight in frederick. if you live in charles county, southern calvert county and along the i -- 95 corridor, that
8:57 am
is where the rain is. fell yesterday as well. we had flash flood warnings yesterday. 84 degreesto yesterday and we should be 87 today. temperatures again will be in the low to mid-80's. tomorrow, probably the hottest day of the week with temperatures near 90 and more humid tomorrow and mild by the time we get to mid-week. >> thank you for watching and we hope you have a wonderful morning.
8:58 am
8:59 am
>> t grahams are like an institution in washington. it w an absolute shock. >> this week on "inside washington" -- the shocker, "the anotherton post" sold. victim of the changing media universe. >> i do not subscribe to anything anymore. i read everything online. >> president obama cancels a summit with vladimir putin. >> there have been times they slide back into cold war thinking. >> a terror threat closeses u.s. embassies. >> this group is fairly ingenious, bold and eager to cause damage.>> the

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